Dynamic Character
Katniss Everdeen is a dynamic character. A dynamic character is a character who has gone through some sort of change through out the book (or in this case, trilogy). I say that Katniss is a dynamic character because, in the beginning of "The Hunger Games", she was a poor girl from district 12 that kept everything to herself. But, by the middle of the book she was announcing her and Peeta'a "love" over live telivision. She was also (by the end of the book) a victor of the Hunger Games, rich, and famous.

Static Character
Primrose Everdeen is a static character. A static character is a character who stays the same through out the book. I say that Prim is a static character because, She does in fact, stay the same. In the beginning, she is Katniss' younger, loving sister who looks up to her. She is also the same way in the end.

Round Character
Katniss Everdeen is also a round character. A round character is a character where you know their thoughts, motives, and feelings. I say that Katniss is a round character because, you know her thoughts, feelings and motives. Like when she is deciding weather to team up w/ Rue or not .

Flat Character
Cato is a Flat character. A flat character is a character who is not fully described, a minor character, and is there just to move the plot along. Cato is just that.